About Us

The Inner Brilliance Academy offers online transformational coaching programs, training and mentorship to women like you worldwide (and a few great men too), reminding you to tap into your Inner Brilliance and shine brightly as you are meant to.

Reconnect to your Purpose, Passion and Possibility today!

We provide a blended approach, fusing various modalities to support your wholistic growth.

Our Inner Brilliance Mentor, Debbie Belnavis-Brimble, has been serving clients for years one-on-one and in groups. She has now expanded her reach by sharing various strategies through online experiences here.

Meet our Founder and Inner Brilliance Mentor

Debbie Belnavis-Brimble

Inner Brilliance Coach, Mentor, Master NLP Practitioner, #1 International Best Selling Author and Speaker.

As an Inner Brilliance Coach, Mentor and #1 International Best Selling Author, Debbie inspires people around the world like you, who want to be empowered by their choices and live a life of passion, purpose and infinite possibility in all their authenticity, embracing their truth, loving who they are BEing in all their brilliance.

Debbie’s passion for personal growth and development started when she worked as an IT Manager supporting others in improving their customer service skills and ensuring that her team was trained to deliver quality service to customers at all times.  Debbie believes that we all entered this world as brilliant beings, with our array of God-given talents, creativity, confidence, resilience, passion, purpose and so much more. Over time, due to the different experiences we have, our brilliance decreases. The purpose of the Inner Brilliance Academy is to support millions of women (and a few good men) around the globe in reigniting their brilliance and shining even brighter than before, positively impacting their families, their communities and ultimately, the world.  The Academy came about as a result of the demand in prospective clients seeking coaching services through Embrace Your True Brilliance. Realizing that it just isn’t possible to meet the needs of the masses on a one-on-one scale, the decision was made to step into the online world.  Debbie’s passion for people and for serving those who have decided to take control of their life and live a life of passion, purpose, and possibility. The tools and techniques used are blended to formulate a process that gets results. The main focus of the Academy is to empower women and impact their families and the world. That’s the mission of the Academy and with the philanthropic activities creates a completely different perspective on a global scale.

Through her work, she has supported hundreds of clients in bringing their desires into reality and achieving their goals.

Those who work with Debbie are:
- Embracing their newly formed desired goals which are crystal clear, taking the empowering actions required and achieving their successes.
- Reconnecting with their personal brilliance – their inner power, creativity, and resourcefulness.
- Loving who they are in all their brilliance by identifying their gifts, formulating a blueprint to their success and initiating their inner resources.
- In short, they are taking back full control of their lives!